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  Dixon Estate Sales is a local company aimed at helping those who wish to sell personal belongings and clear out a home, leaving it real-estate ready.

We work with those who have recently experienced the loss of a loved one or who simply want to down size.  We set up and host an on site professional sale, clear the home of any personal property, and assist with the sale of the home.


Providing you with stress free liquidation.


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The Process

Step 1: Identify Your Needs

First, we work with you to identify your specific needs and the contents you wish to sell. We carefully price each item while providing additional research for high ticket items.


Step 2: Set up a Sale

Shop Owner Arranging Merchandise

We then set up a 2-3 day sale, showcasing your property to allow for maximum profit. Our advertising team ensures extensive coverage of your sale by placing ads on  multiple on-line sites, signs throughout local neighborhoods, and newsletters to our regular customers.


Step 3: Real Estate Ready

Clean out

Following the sale, we will make the home real estate ready.  This includes leaving the interior of the home broom clean and all items removed. 

Step 4: Receive Payment

Signing Check

Payment will be issued directly to you within 10 business days along with results of the sale. 

Additional Services

Fragile Box

Before the sale, we carefully package any family heirlooms we may find or requested items and ship them directly to you. We do not charge for this service, all you pay for is the shipping. 

If your home is in need of some minor repairs, we have an in house contractor who can affordably make minor repairs. We provide progress updates as desired. 

Fixing the Roof

Looking to save 2-3% when selling your home? We work as a consultant to manage your "For Sale by Owner" process. 


In addition, we provide services such as yard maintenance and regular property inspections. 


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Cost?

We work hard to keep overhead costs low and focus on our customer service. Because of that, for local sales with a typical amount of goods, we only charge a flat rate of 43%.  That price is all inclusive. No hidden fees or costs.


We provide labor, supplies, equipment, credit card processing, unsold item removal, and basic after-sale clean up. If you need additional services such as shipping of personal belongings or minor repairs before the home is real estate ready, these can be arranged for an additional cost. 

Is There Any Risk?

This is the safest and cheapest way to have an estate sale. You never need to pay out of pocket and our local pricing experts allow you to have confidence that your items were sold at a fair market price. Plus, by letting our team handle the sale, you save hundreds of dollars in travel costs and don't need to take any additional time off work.

Don't Own Expensive Items?

Don't worry, in fact most sales only include normal household items such as pots, pans, furniture, clothing, and tools. Although these items are not necessarily worth much individually, they add up quickly.

If you do have more valuable possessions, we appraise and liquidate high value items as well. If during the sale we cannot obtain a fair price, we have connections with several local and Las Vegas consignment stores that partner with us to find the right buyer. *Additional costs may apply.

How is Payment Made?

Payment will be issued directly to you within 10 business days. You will receive a check along with an outline of the sale results. You can be confident that the sale was done professionally and in your best interest as you look over the sale outline. We break down your proceeds  in a clear and simple way. 


Please contact us for a free initial consultation and let us answer any of your questions or concerns about our services.

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